FluxTech – E14 LED Mini Corn Bulb - 4.5W Dimmable & 4W Non-dimmable

FluxTechSKU: E14-MC5W-3KD-01

Features: Dimmable
Kelvins: 3000K Warm White
Multi: 1 x PC

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FluxTech – E14 LED Mini Corn Bulb.

4.5W Dimmable, Operated Voltage 200 – 240Vac 360° 4.5W 520lm Warm White 3000K, 4.5W 570lm Cool White 5000K.

Non-flicker design, 90-98% Energy Saving. Equivalent to 60W Halogen bulb performances.

4W Non-Dimmable, Operated Voltage 200 – 240Vac 360° 4W 490lm Warm White 3000K, 4W 480lm Cool White 5000K.

Non-flicker design, 90% Energy Saving. Equivalent to 50W Halogen bulb performances. [Energy Class A++]


Product Description:

4.5W – Dimmable 520 - 570lm, perfect replacement for 60W Filament C35, G45, PYGMY bulb, 90% energy saving.

4W - Non-Dimmable 480 - 500lm, perfect replacement for 50W Filament C35, G45, PYGMY bulb, 90% energy saving.

Operated voltage 200 – 240Vac, constant current driver, no flicker design protects your eyes and would not cause seizures; create a cozy and warm environment.

Low power consumption and ultra-long lifespan; equivalent to 50 - 60W Filament bulb.

More vivid and natural light is offered and 360-degree beam angle with more flood lights. Still for your safety, all our LED bulbs are Eco-friendly: No lead or mercury, No UV or IR Radiation.

E14 lamp base, easy to install, suitable for interior lighting, lamps and fixtures of any style in dining room, bedroom, kitchen, bars, coffee bars, restaurant, dining room, showcase, etc.

Colour rendering index of up to 85RA, closer to halogen bulb. The product lifespan up to 20000 hours.


Size: 16 x 67 mm

  • 2 Years warranty, free replacement during the warranty period.

Input Power


Power Consumption 

4.5W Dimmable

4W Non-Dimmable

Beam Angle



3000K, 5000K


520lm (Warm White) 

570lm (Cool White)

Colour Rendering Index ( CRI )

82 - 85


50 - 60W


20,000 hr




16 x 67 mm

Energy Class


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