FluxTech® RGBW / RGBWW LED Strip Controller for RGBW, RGBWW Strip Light


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 FluxTech® RGBW / RGBWW  LED Strip Controller. For RGBW (RGB+White), RGBWW (RGB+WarmWhite) Smart LED Strip Controller

  • RGBW LED Strip Controller, 16 million Colour and Colour Saturation adjustable.
  • One remote / smart phone can control may controllers at the same time
  • Auto-synchronizing function: different controllers can work synchronously when they are started at different times, controlled by the same remote, under same dynamic mode and with same speed
  • Controlled by 2,4GHz remote and smart phone APP
  • Auto-transmitting function: one strip controller can transmit the signals from the remote control to another controller within 30m, as long as there is a strip controller within 30m, the remote-control distance can be limitless
  • Easy to Link & Unlink new lights to the remote controls
  • Distance to Control: Max 30M
  • Operated Voltage: DC 12/24
  • Output: Max 15A
  • Product associated with FUT089 SKU: R+C-MRC-8-2.4G, FUT092 SKU: R+C-MRC-FT-401 Remote (Option for Purchase)
  • Wifi enable by using our iBox, then use smartphone to control (Option for Purchase)


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