FluxTech - 4-Pin RGB LED Strip to Wire Connector for 10mm Watreproof 5050 LED Strip Light

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FluxTech 4-Pin LED Strip to Wire Connector for 10mm Waterproof RGB 5050 LED Strip. Pack x 2 Pcs 

  • LED Strip Light 4-pin Solder-less Connectors of Innovative clasp connection design, peeling free, tapping free and twisting free to SOLVE The PROBLEM of loose that most Strip connectors have. Tighter and the most convenient extension connectors to Save your money and time.
  • Both Strand and Solid wire compatible. Use for 10mm IP65 RGB Strip Light
  • Ideal Connector for LED Strip light to Control Gear product.
  • 100% DIY: Just A few minutes to connect, extend EVERYTHING and cut length as YOU NEED. Solder-less, no wire-stripping and No need to peel off Silicon cover. Quick and flexible work.
  • Fire-proof Nylon housing and High precision brass connector. Offer the excellent current loading of 6A/Pin.
  • Ideal connector for LED Strip lights to Controller / Power Supply.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH: SMD5050 RGB LED Strip Light 10mm Wide (Waterproof). And 22-18 AWG Solid Wire / Strand Wire
  • Clear cap design allows light to go through it, will not leave dark area at your lighting space.

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