FluxTech - 4-Pin Y Power Splitter Cable for RGB LED Strip Light

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FluxTech 4-Pin Y Power Splitter Cable for RGB LED Strip Light 

Use for RGB5050 RGB3528 RGB2835 4-Pin LED Strip Light

  • LED signal splitter cable. Suitable for 10 mm width 4PIN RGB LED tape light. SMD5050 SMD2835 SMD3528.Indoor and outdoor use.
  • Multi-functional: This is a signal distribution cable, also a solder connector for RGB LED.

           1.Connection cable between controller and LED Strip Light

           2. you can control 2 LED strips with just one controller

           3. It can also be used as between two LED Strip Coupler, DIY LED, the main, it is  completely layout lead kit

  • Excellent look and sufficient material, it is being well made, make the led connection neat and tidy. The cable is 4-pin single wire. Tinned copper ensures perfect electric conductivity and longer service life
  • easy to use - Tinned Copper Wire and PVC insulation. No need to solder Male use, easy to install, flexible and flat
  • Quick delivery and quality secured: designed and manufactured by FluxTech.

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