FluxTech - Self-powered Wireless Light Switch

FluxTechSKU: FT-KS01-01

Model: 1 Gang Wireless Switch
Multi Buy: 1 x PC

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FluxTech - Self-powered Wireless Transmission Light Switch, No Battery No Wiring, Easy to Install On/Off Switches for LED Lights Fitting Appliances, [Energy Class A+++]


  • NO BATTERRIES NO WIRING NO WIFI REQUIRED -- ECO-FRIENDLY: FluxTech Wireless Switch can be Installed Anywhere Without Running Wires. It’s associates with FluxTech Control Receiver. The Switch key panel does no need any wired connection.
  • Wireless Remote Switch Enables Easy Operation Anywhere, Anytime. The effective Range Between the Transmitter and the Control Receiver is Approximately 25 meters Indoors* and Approximately 80 Meters Outdoors
  • SECURITY RF WIRELESS SIGNAL: FluxTech Wireless Switch Includes a Wireless Key Panel.
  • The Switch Key Panel Use Micro Energy Acquisition Technology and Powered by Pressing the Switch Panel, so it can work without battery.
  • EASY To INSTALL & SAFETY: The switch does not require any wiring connection. The wall switch is self-powered and can be used with any light; halogen, incandescent, CFL bulbs, fluorescent tubes, LED lighting, etc.
  • WATERPROOF AND ULTRA THIN DESIGN: IP67 Remote Controlled Dimmer Light Switch with Slim and Waterproof IP67 Enables design, it can be Used under Certain Special Conditions. So, you can even install it outside.
  • DURABLE & FLEXIBLE CODING: Designed with Ultra-low Power Consumption, it can Run up to 200,000 Times, Last for 20 years lifetime. one switch can control multiple lights or multiple switches control one light or multi Light, like 1-2 way, 3-way, multi-ways switch.


    Click here to download Self-Power Wireless Light Switch User Manual

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