JustLED - IP54 LED Ceiling Light

JustLEDSKU: CL-08-UP-20-01

Size & Watts: 12W - 200mm x 48mm
Multi Buy: x 1 PC

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IP54 LED Ceiling Light

This IP54 range of lights is perfect for replacing old and tired porch, bathroom, kitchen and corridor lights, to name but a few.

Ranging in size from just 200mm right up to 400mm they will cover any damage the old lights leave behind.

In the 250mm size there are options for the standard light fitting plus a microwave sensor version or a version with a microwave sensor and emergency back-up.

In 5000 kelvins, they will definitely light up your life!

They are equally at home on the ceiling or on the wall and are ideal for inside cupboards too due to their very low profile.

Extremely easy and quick to install, the professional electricians love them.

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